Saturday, January 7, 2017

Winter Break: Book Summary

     As I've stated in my last book post, Glass by Ellen Hopkins continues the story of Kristina after she gets impregnated and has her baby. At the time, Kristina is working on getting her GED and has just gotten a temporary job at 7 Eleven to make some income. While all this is happening, Kristina is still trying to be a good mother but after being sober for "so long" due to her newborn, she meets with an old "partying" friend while as finds her way back to monster and oh, how much has it missed her.

     As the story continues, Kristina becomes more and more vulnerable to the monster that seemed to ruin her life once and now that she's crawled back, it is highly likely for it to happen again.
     At the place that I am at in the novel, Kristina's birthday has arrived and her only plan is to get high and hopefully forget all the stress that has been put upon her due to her child's baptism which is set for the day after. Although getting high the day beforehand isn't such a great idea, is Kristina really willing to risk her sons baptism and possibly getting kicked out of her parents house just for a little buzz?

     The theme I have come up with, so far, that I think will best fit this novel and just the whole series, is "One decision can effect the rest of your life" since Kristina is continuously choosing meth over the most important things in her life and having to suffer the consequences.