Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog #12: Famous Or Being Remembered

I would rather be famous and then forgotten because I mean it is sad that someone you loved dies but life goes on and I know it might take a while to get over and accept that, that person is never coming back but then again everyone gets forgotten at some point so why not just get forgotten when you're in the grave already.

Blog #10: Understanding

Jonas' community is based on sameness and basically everyone has their life already planned out for them. I think that since the book is telling the story through Jonas' perspective that we learn a lot more about his community through the memories that the Giver gives him. Like when his community was like ours and there was color,  jealousy, and everyone was different.

Blog #6: New Chapter Title

Chapter 8: A horrible mistake

For chapter eight, I would title it A horrible mistake, because of how Jonas felt when the Chief Elder announced that Jonas was chosen to be to next Reciever of Memory. He, later on, said she made a "mistake" by choosing him.

Blog #9: Imagine

The song Imagine by John Lennon is about the whole world coming together as one. There is no religion or countries, just a world. A world where everyone lived peacefully and no one was fighting.

It relates to The Giver because Jonas' community they're all the same. No religion, no jealousy, no hate, no fighting. Just peace. Everyone gets along and lives happily.  Jonas' world takes a turn when he was chosen to be the next Receiver of Memory, he later finds out that his community isn't all that perfect. Like before his community switched to sameness there was color, there was snow, and the sun and moon, there was jealousy, and fighting. There are higher people controlling his community and hiding secrets that no one knows of.

Blog Post #3: What if?

Yes it is important to know past history events because if no one taught the world history we wouldn't learn from the past to make a more advance future.

Say it all started with cave men, they didn't know a clue about the world. Yet they found how to eat, fight, hunt, survive, ect. But if no one taught each other or their next generation it would basically be like starting all over again and again. History would repeat itself and would never accelerate to something more advanced.

Blog #4: Unity Through Conformity

Jonas' community is shown as sameness and he can't imagine someone not fitting into his community. Jonas' community, by this, is somewhat like a couple situations our community has gone through. Back when slavery was a thing all African Americans are seen as the same, they were all the same color skin so they were treated alike. Soon they had to realize that they weren't going to have anyone else look out for them so they had to depend on each other like family.